Hello, beautiful being of the universe. I feel awe that every atom in your body was created in an ancient star. I am in awe as the water that makes up more than 50% of your body is continually refreshed and exchanged with the watershed around you. I am in wonder at how the iron in your blood, matching the iron in the center of the earth, carries plant-produced oxygen to every part of your body.

Whenever I feel powerless, lonely, discouraged or just tired out I find so much comfort and renewal in the connection between my body and the earth’s body.

The earth’s body is not all roses, however, and I’m not simply referring to my awesome-but-stinky compost heap. There are all sorts of ways the earth is polluted and making us sick and at times I have not known how to handle my despair. I have wanted to save the earth, and let me tell you that’s a heavy burden. Perhaps you have been there too.

Here’s the big, liberating change going on for me: I’m laying down the useless burden of saving the earth.

Whoa. Have I fallen in a pit of despair?

Nope. In fact I feel free, energized, and hopeful.

Here is the beautiful reason why: the earth is saving me. We are each deeply cared for and sustained by the earth. While I’ve loved this image my whole life, during a recent dance workshop I realized I’ve reached a threshold of knowing and receiving the care of the earth with my whole body. Can you really know your deep connection to all beings without full conscious embodiment?

The shift is a true game changer for me. I’m practicing dropping language about “environmental stewardship.” That model is too small and has failed us.

Last week my daughter taught me about playing by the lake while picking up trash.

Last week my daughter taught me about playing by the lake while picking up trash.

Our role is to enhance and reflect the beauty of the cosmos.

How would your game change if you felt your human purpose was to enhance and reflect the beauty of the cosmos, no matter if you are a doctor, secretary, farmer, parent, activist, teacher, accountant or artist? What if you knew with every ounce of your being that the cosmos was doing the work and you are just helping it along? Would you feel more ease and lightness?

How do you train your body to develop a relationship of trust with the earth and the whole universe? Do you have a community that supports you?

Being part of a community practicing conscious embodiment could be your game changer.

You are so beautiful,


p.s. Perhaps one of these upcoming opportunities is right for you:

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