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Your gift can help Wisdom Dances use dance and culture to strengthen the values of community and sustainability that are essential for building a regenerative future.

Restoring lineage.

Wisdom Dances helps meet the deep hunger for unraveling whiteness and discovering the dance-based earth wisdom from indigenous Europe. Building on pioneering research by Laura Shannon, we explore traditional dances as sources of wisdom for living in right relationship in our contemporary Minnesota context.

The Wisdom Dancers

Building leaders.

Creating a culture of reciprocity requires leaders in every walk of life who embody a feeling of mutuality. The dance form and style teach us to move as a circle both literally and figuratively. The dance helps us create a microcosm of the profound belonging that can transform our lives and the world.

Inviting people to dance with the water to reflect how we all care for the water.

Creating a legacy.

Through interactive performances the Wisdom Dancers invite audiences into an irresistible embodied example of inter-relationship. We help people draw connections between history, place, and current issues and inspire people to see the larger movement towards regenerative culture that is within the roiling headlines. Regenerative culture is the legacy that we want to create. By inspiring people to see the challenges and opportunities of our times in a new way we hope to transform apathy and despair into inspiration and action.

A children’s game from Cyprus that mimics bee behavior.

Thank you for helping us sing and dance into a beautiful future for future generations.


Donations to Wisdom Dances are tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor Springboard for the Arts. To make a donation by check, make it payable to Springboard for the Arts with “Wisdom Dances” in the memo line and mail it to 4500 Bloomington Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55407.