Workouts. Databases. Funerals. Boxes of photos.

I dare say there is a theme running through these seemingly disconnected topics. I didn’t see it at first. I have simply been living it.

You may have noticed I’ve been quiet in blog-land. I’ve been very behind the scenes. With spring, I’m anticipating growing from this invisible work.

The unseen taking form – I’m talking about embodiment. Embodiment, that is my grounding theme.

Embodiment is probably one of my favorite words. For others “embodiment” is the cue to shut down. Let’s explore three dimensions of meaning to embodiment.

Caring for our embodiment.

Life is better when the circumstances support the fact that we live in bodies. And our bodies need to move. Or on an even more basic level, we need access to water and bathrooms etc.

I will always be among the first in a room to advocate for stretch breaks. My house has been developing an enthusiasm for workouts and I’m all in. I’m also a big fan of adequate rest. (I’m still tired from sorting many boxes of photos during my parents big move.) But being “the embodiment person” in a situation doesn’t only mean that I’m the one with the biggest case of the wiggles.

Embodiment is the Form we Give our Dreams

Lately I’ve been very deep in setting up the internal infrastructure for the Eye of the Heart Center for Creative Contemplation, the future home of Wisdom Dances. Big dreams also require internal systems.

For a while I found myself lamenting, “How’d the dancer end up doing the spreadsheets?” But when I shifted my perspective to see databases and policies are also a form of embodiment then it also made sense. I care very much that we bring our ideas into form.

Embodying Our Values

Ultimately, I’m most interested in embodying qualities like peace and love. I’ve been to a couple funerals in the past months, and memorial gatherings are especially poignant moments for remembering what our dear ones have embodied in our lives.

The movement practices that I teach mean so much to me not simply because they are fun and feel good. Dance and qigong are also means for learning how to embody compassion and kindness. Through practice, these lofty, seemingly unattainable qualities became part of my form and everyday life.

Back to you.

What care is your body needing?

What structures would help give form to your goals?

What qualities do you wish for your life to embody?

With big love,


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