Here’s to your big heart! Thank you for all the ways you care for others, seek beauty, and pursue a life of meaning. I honor your gut feeling that joy, aliveness, and hope are as essential as breath and fundamental to any meaningful transformation.

Dear lover of life, I imagine you also feel the pain and urgency of our time.

Hi, my name is Emily Jarrett Hughes. I am a dancer, healer, cultural activist and transformational teacher.

As change intensifies, do you find yourself struggling to keep your bearings, find meaning and know your purpose? Do you…

…pour yourself into helping others but too often end the day depleted, burdened, and missing the joy that was your original inspiration?

find hope in the beauty of life, but your everyday life feel lonely, stressful, and unsupported?

…long for right relationship with your life, leading you to explore your ancestral roots?

…feel like you are standing at a threshold – with an illness or other transition – and you want this to be a moment of spiritual transformation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or want to transform how you move through the world, I am excited that you are here.

Joy, aliveness, and hope change everything.

A future in which you – and all of life – flourishes is based on beauty, harmony, and balance. Cultivating these qualities in our lives is our greatest work, with a rippling impact.

Now is the time to come into right relationship with yourself, your ancestors, others, and the earth. Now is the time to relearn a profound sense of belonging with every fiber of your being. Now is the time to awaken a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

The Collective Joy of Dancing

Classes and performances that fuse together the art of dance with Wisdom teachings, healing practices, reconnecting to ancestry, and sacred activism. More.

Healing Power of Qigong

Individual healing sessions based on Chinese understanding of energy (Qi Gong), comprehensive Qigong training, the weekly Healing Waters Qigong community practice group and monthly advanced practice group.

Wisdom and Water

Renewing ourselves by connecting with the water; healing all of life by healing the water. More.

Embodied Leadership

Workshop leadership and event co-creation that engages whole-body understanding of Wisdom teachings, ancestral healing, and principles of transformation. More.