Hi, my name is Emily Jarrett Hughes

I am a dancer, healer, wisdom teacher and creatix of Wisdom Dances.

For over ten years I have been helping people keep their bearings and find meaning and know their purpose. We are at a threshold time, and we can make it through together by coming home to our bodies and connecting with all of creation.

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Two Paths to Guide You Home

Dance and Qigong are the two grounding practices I offer to help you heal, access joy, and become the most alive version of yourself. Both of these traditions offer us wisdom paths guiding us to our inner knowing and alignment with Mystery.


Tap into the encoded wisdom and transformative power of women’s ritual dances.

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Qigong supports healing, longevity, activating our life purpose, and spiritual awakening.

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Beginning April 2024 my blog – and all my offerings – are nested within
Eye of the Heart Center for Creative Contemplation


Awakening Our Creative Power To Engage With Transformative Times