You too can move your spirit from feeling frozen and drained into creativity, joy, and freedom. There are many places to begin, and opportunities for deepening within all of them. I lead groups and work one-on-one, all based in Spring Forest Qigong. Enter through the doorway that feels the most comfortable to you.

One-on-one healing sessions

Healing sessions can help heal aches, pains, illness, or emotions that you would like to change. I invite you to be willing to be surprised by how much healing is possible. I love helping people through transformation, from getting launched to sustaining change.

Comprehensive Training in the Ancient Science of Qigong

Qigong means “working with Qi”(commonly known as energy). It is a science of using the breath, body, mind, and sound to Achieve and Maintain Perfect Health.

Its deep roots set it apart. Spring Forest Qigong Level One – Qi Activation is not your standard Qigong practice class. Rather, it is comprehensive training fully encompassing the ancient science of Qigong. This training grounds you firmly in that tradition while helping you understand the mystery and secrets of Qigong Healing.

Qigong Practice Group: Healing Waters Qigong

Recharge and restore next to beautiful Lake Hiawatha

Would you like to feel more energetic and less stressed? Ever tried to quiet your mind and just feel it get louder instead? Speaking of loud, is some part of your body screaming at you for some care and attention? Give your mind and body the support of a community and learn the healing, gentle movements and meditations of qigong. No experience necessary and newcomers always welcome.

Advanced Practice Group: New Moon Meditation

Go deeper into your practice and develop your ability to heal yourself and heal others more quickly. This monthly in-depth practice is like a mini-retreat. This practice helps you cultivate your third eye.

This practice group is best suited for people who have completed Level 3 or equivalent experience.

Not sure where to start? I’d love to talk.