True health, peace, and prosperity arise from being in right relationship with each other. Wisdom Dances is dedicated to the transformative practices of dance and qigong precisely because they cultivate our ability to be in right relationship with our bodies, with nature, and each other.

Traditional Land Acknowledgement

Wisdom Dances gratefully acknowledges that we are on the sacred traditional territory of the Dakota people. It is an honor to live, dance, heal, and create community alongside Dakota, Ojibwe, Ho-Chunk, and other Indigenous people in the Twin Cities.

Supportive and Inclusive Space

It is our highest priority and commitment that our courses be a supportive and inclusive space for all participants and honors the experience of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color), LGBTQI2-S folx, and other systemically and/or historically marginalized folx.

Bdote confluence, where the upper channel of the Minnesota River and Mississippi Rivers meet at Wita Tanka in the traditional territory of the Dakota.

Qigong Scholarships for BIPOC, LGBTQI2-S and other systemically and/or historically marginalized folx.

Our qigong vision is for a healer in every home and a world without pain and suffering. We are committed to reducing obstacles for participation from systemically and/or historically marginalized folx so that we can empower healers in EVERY home.

While it is true that financial hardships have been disproportionately faced by communities of color due to generations of wealth inequities, these qigong scholarships were not created to simply be an offering of charity for low-income individuals. We extend this as an offer of solidarity to anyone that identifies as black, American Indian, or a person of color of any income scale in any country as a small way we, as white-skinned qigong trainers, can make reparations by providing our services of qigong.

For low income folx, we want to reduce financial barriers. To all our LGBTQI2-S relatives, we want your full queer presence and know that you’ve sometimes had to pay a high price – in relationships, time, and money – to be your full self.

To receive the Community Rate for Spring Forest Qigong Level One Qi Activation Training, enter the coupon COMMUNITY at check out. This offer is only available when registering through the Wisdom Dances website. For Level Two and Three Trainings, enter the code WELCOME.

All Genders Celebrated

All our classes and services are dedicated to empowering your true self. All gender expressions are celebrated and we are committed to creating a space where students are addressed by their preferred pronouns by all present.

The traditional women’s dances practiced in the Wisdom Dances Circle come from strongly gender binary cultures. They offer a way for people of all genders to explore the feminine aspects within themselves. Some of the advanced dance classes are for women-identified folx only.

Qigong similarly helps us understand the world through the binary of yin and yang, which can be assigned “masculine” and “feminine” in an oversimplified system. Yet yin and yang are always shifting and are relative to each other and context. We know that within each person the dance of yin and yang within them is unique.

We Are Learning

We’ve shared our aspirations and also know that we’ve got a long way to grow. We’d love to hear from you if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions for us. Reach out to Emily at emily @