Hands-held-high-in-circle-sq450You have the capacity for a creative, vital life because you are part of one beautiful, loving interconnected universe.

This is how I see it (thanks to insight from many wisdom traditions):

  • We are all part of one interconnected flow that is in constant creative evolution.
  • We suffer, life suffers, when the flow is blocked and connections are broken.
  • When we restore our relatedness and flow, we heal and life flourishes

You can probably think of ways to apply these principles to household plumbing, emotions, your own healing, relationships, economics, ecosystems….

I love that the universe works this way. I’ve loved the concepts for a long time. As I’ve come to know this wisdom with my whole body and heart, I love it even more.

Changing how you experience your connection to the earth and the universe changes everything. I’d even say it is prerequisite for making any lasting significant shift. There are three things that can help you get there.

Seeing the flow of life, including your life, from a new perspective can be so freeing. It is a change that happens in the heart, through practice and with support.

Three big helps along the way are:

A Movement Practice. If life is inherently about flow and movement, we need to move too. The structured form of a practice creates safety and trains the body to recognize different qualities of the spirit. As you learn to connect with vitality and peace through your body, you are able to bring those qualities into your life and the world.

A Creative Practice. If life is in creative evolution, creativity is part of our nature. Your creativity gives you passion and helps you fall in love, make things, feel connected to everything around you, and be willing to explore. Each encounter with silence, stillness or the blank page is an opportunity to develop your skill in making the creative choice to act from curiosity rather than fear. Strengthening your creative flow unlocks your vitality and ability to heal.

(By the way, I find it super cool that my movement and meditation practices are also creative practices. Yes, I am efficient!)

Support. The heart struggles to learn in isolation. We need witnessing, accountability, and encouragement. Sometimes we need a practice group. Sometimes we need one-on-one help. May you have a whole team of cheerleaders!

These elements are what’s been key for me. How about you? What brings you back into the flow of life?

With love,



Want to build your connection to the flow of life? Come experience the joy of Dancing Kefi any Thursday. You may want to check out the gentle movements and meditation of the Healing Waters Qigong Practice Group on Wednesdays. Newcomers are always welcome at each group.

Are you looking for more support? If you want extra support for a complex situation or feel especially vulnerable, I offer one-on-one coaching and healing.