Hello dear compassionate hearts,

How is your beautiful, creative spirit bearing the news these days? Many of my big hearted friends seem to be having an especially hard time with the violence happening in our city and around the world.

Having an open heart means we also see a lot of pain. There is so much to grieve. Fear is very present. Plus the night is so very long.

Do you notice yourself shutting down? Do you have a shorter fuse? Are you preoccupied with worries?

As much as you or I may want to be forever joyful, life force cannot flow freely if we are holding onto or avoiding our own grief and pain.

Keep Moving

When you know something is stuck, one way to ease it into changing is to move.

The key is to hold the intention to move the grief or stuckness as you are doing a broader movement. Walk. Write without stopping for 5 minutes. Sometimes my movement is crying and profuse nose blowing.

I’m particularly fond of body chanting. The contemplative repetitive movements from dance and qigong engage my whole body mind and spirit in moving. It both loosens my shoulders and my emotions.

No Running!

listening-to-the-river-sqHealing runs may be part of your self care. Sometimes you might also find yourself constantly going, never having a moment to pause. This go-go-going is not the movement I mean.

What heals is movement that reconnects with the flow of love.

Sometimes we have to stop moving in order to attune to the bigger dance of life. This is why I spend a lot of time in stillness. The quiet of a settled body and mind helps me listen more deeply.

I have found it really important to create a safe container of stillness so that my quiet isn’t simply a blank page for my fears to run wild. Focusing on the breath is a great place to begin. So is guided imagery. Or having a healer or group help hold the silence with you.

Moving with the Whole of Life

It doesn’t cease to amaze me that out of utter stillness and darkness the spark of life and movement arises. The winter solstice gives us all a chance to affirm with wonder that new light emerges out of darkness.

Leaning into the changing of the seasons, and the creative (and destructive) cycle of life can help you keep your heart open and spirit lively. You can move through grief and fear more quickly. It gets easier to return to the heartbeat of life.

The world needs the particular blessing of your sparkling self. May you get all the skills, community, and support you need to radiate your powerful love into the world.

With love,



Lean into the support of the seasons with the Winter Solstice Celebration on Sunday December 20, 2015 6:30-8:00 at Lake Hiawatha Park. Information and registration here.

Drink even deeper from the nourishing river of life at the Winter Retreat January 9. Information and registration here.

Check out ongoing dance and qigong practice groups and individual support.