This will be a significant week for all of us. In the words of my daughter, “The great day of ugh” is Tuesday.

In addition to making your voting plan, I hope that you are also putting together your self-care plan. All of us are going to have to bear a good amount of turbulence and uncertainty. So let’s set gentle expectations for ourselves so there is room to recalibrate and rest.

Plan to protect your sanity around the election with these three steps:

Today I suggest you pause and write on a piece of paper your goal for your life. Remember your purpose. It’s okay if you are only able to partially articulate it. This goal for your life, your purpose, is your focus. This is a good week to practice staying focused. You can even post this goal on your computer screen or on your bathroom mirror (or both!).

Today is also a good day to pick some good reading or podcasts for yourself. Some good escapism might be in order. Or you might want to pick something that deeply inspires you to think about our human purpose. Our life goals are most meaningful, after all, when they are tied to a sense of human purpose. (By the way, the CDC recommends watching no more than an hour of news a day – might it be possible to stick to that?)

Today I also suggest that you plan some self-care activities and put them on your calendar. Can you put one thing, no matter how small, on each day? Plan to be outside or connect with a friend. Decide to make it to a class that is supportive to you. Maybe set an alarm on your phone now to remind you to pause for five minutes of mindful breathing, meditation, or reflection. Stock up now on your favorite snack. Do you have butter in the fridge for some therapeutic baking? Have fun with this.

I find refuge in love, the most powerful energy in the universe, capable of creating transformations beyond my imagination. May you feel surrounded by love in the week to come.



Wednesday morning, 9 AM Central: Healing Waters Qigong Practice Group online

I will be guiding movements and meditations from Spring Forest Qigong that help us balance the energy in our bodies and radiate love and healing into the world. Register here.

Saturday morning 10 AM Central: Dancing in community outside

Traditional ritual dances are extraordinarily trustworthy containers that help us move through the ups and downs of life with grace. Dancing outside with others (with lots of distance) is great medicine for the soul! This class is based on Laura Shannon’s research on women’s dances from the Balkans, Greece, and Asia Minor. Learn more and register.

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