What is in the swish of the hip?

To pulse my shoulders or throw my hips, I have to find a spiral within my body that allows me to twist. These shimmies and shakes are what makes Romani (Gypsy) dancing so playful and exuberant. I am exploring how their power comes from the spiral structure within them.

Our dancing circle is moving with new spirit and style as we bring the spiral consciously into our dancing. To me, our bodies are revealing the nature of our sensual, juicy, creative universe. We are the spiral of a galaxy. We are the spiral of our DNA.

Spiral galaxy

A spiral is both expanding infinitely outward and inward. What calls you deeper into your essential self? How are you ready to expand out into the world? How do these opposing directions come together and create movement in your life – helping you to get unstuck or manifest something you long for?

When we tap into our profound interconnection with the universe, we can be more powerful than we can imagine.  As the seasons turn and we prepare to welcome new growth in all aspects of our lives, how will you tap into creative source?