This Saturday is one of my favorite spring time traditions – the Wisdom Dances Earth Day Celebration. Our community of dancers will dance and sing throughout the Cities to participate in activating the energies of spring.

We will be dancing at the crossroads. This is literal and figurative.

Our inspiration derives from Balkan St. Lazarus Day celebrations that include dancing and singing to bless important crossroads. This year we will follow the Mississippi River and we will be pausing to dance near several bridge crossings. (You are invited to help send us off at the beginning of our day – details below.)

The crossroad is a liminal space. It is the meeting ground of two paths, where we must make a choice. Many crossroads we pass through on auto-pilot. We might even forget we are making a choice. But then we can be brought to a stop when we are lost and not sure which route to take. Even worse, there might not even be a traffic light at the intersection guiding us through.

We can feel at a crossroads in so many ways. Personally we may be changing jobs or moving. We may be beginning a new relationship, welcoming a baby or helping someone at the end of life. April’s cool temperatures here in Minnesota in make it feel like we are stuck at the crossroads between winter and spring. We are at a crossroads for the climate, for global peace and so much more.

There are no traffic lights at these figurative crossroads. No GPS. We are going to need our own compass.

I believe we can find the guidance we need at another important crossroads: the intersection between you and the Sacred. That intersection is in your heart. It’s where your grand ideas, desires, and vision for your life intersect with the Divine. The more alignment there is between your goals and the Divine, the more synchronicities and miracles happen.

Cultivating our connection to the sacred intersection at the heart, the source of our guidance and inner knowing, is what makes qigong, dance, and many other spiritual practices so powerful.

This Saturday you’ll see our dancers put on our special dance costume, which is full of symbols that emphasize our bodies as a place of intersection between the material and spiritual. We become the embodiment of a sacred crossroad, activating life energy, healing and guidance.

Then we will dance to bless our personal crossroads, our community crossroads, our seasonal crossroads and global crossroads.

The curious observers we may encounter on our dancing day may simply notice we are spreading joy. By the end of the day, a feeling of profound peace and wholeness comes over everyone involved.

Don’t we all want to feel at peace at our own personal crossroads? We want to feel held, supported, and guided. This is why many springtime traditions are powerful and enduring.

I wish you the very best spring. As the swell of newness and inspiration bursts forth, may you feel calmly guided to know where best to dedicate your energy. May you feel the ease of being supported in your endeavors – you do not have to push them forward beyond their natural unfolding. May you feel grounded and guided by the wisdom coming from the sacred crossroads of your heart.



Join Us for the Launch of the Earth Day Celebration

Saturday, April 30, 2022, 9:30 AM, Graco Park, 15 N 8th St, Minneapolis, MN 55403. You are welcome to join us in singing and dancing or simply as a supportive witness as we begin our day of dancing. Come be blessed at your crossroads. Learn about current and past Earth Day Celebrations.

Interested in other upcoming opportunities? Sign up here.