Renew yourself and participate in awakening spring in our communities through two spring-time dance events.

Introduction to Spring Dance rituals

Date to be determined

Learn about a variety of spring traditions from the Balkans and Greece and their connection to an ancient European wisdom lineage. This illustrated presentation will share traditions from St. Lazarus’ Day and St. George’s Day – how they are practiced today in Europe and how they inspire Wisdom Dances Earth Day activities. This workshop is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the richness of European traditions that embody the values of community, reverence for the earth, and sustainability.

Earth Day with Wisdom Dances

On Saturday, April 24, 2021 Wisdom Dances will again be buzzing through our community on a day dedicated to bringing life and vitality to our community. If you are interested in being with us in support, reach out and let us know and we can share more details.

Earth Day 2019

April 2019. There are many Bulgarian spring-time traditions that involve young girls visiting every house in the village and offering them a dance or song. Inspired by this care given to the community, and trusting that our dancing and singing makes a difference for others, we set out to create a version of the tradition for our community in Minneapolis.

The night before our celebration we met at a water pump by Lake Harriet. In silence we drew up water from the aquifer. Under the light of the newly risen full moon, we each placed a piece of jewelry into the water vessel and let the vessel stand outside under the moonlight.

We met before dawn at the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis. We listened to the roar of St. Anthony Falls and watched the moon set.

Finally, the sun rose.

We rolled in the dew.

Before we had a chance to dance for our first friend, she served us breakfast, including banitsa, a Bulgarian breakfast food with phllyo dough, egg, feta, and yogurt.

“I literally don’t know how to thank you. You brought such joy to me, to my husband and to my friend.

I could not imagine rolling in the dew like you did, and I have an amazing video of this rare and joyful experience you shared.”

We danced for the Mississippi River

We were greeted with flowers and treats as we visited one member of our community.

“My deepest gratitude to all of you for lighting up our home and making me feel connected to the moon, the sun, the dew of new life. [I am] unable to leave my home, yet I completely feel as if I traveled with you and was an active part of this beautiful spring ritual. Beloved Dancers you are truly blessed and you inspire joy and power as you touch the earth and draw out its gifts for all of us.”

We lent our dancing energy to the May Day workshops at In The Heart of the Beast Theater.

We visited a friend recovering from surgery.

We made Beatles references.

We surprised another dancing friend who was home sick.

“Oh my!  Your visit to my home was such an amazing surprise for me!  I LOVE surprises!  I couldn’t stop smiling all day just remembering your lovely, healing dance around me!  And, I’m SO envious of your hats!  THANK YOU for coming to bless me!”

We thanked the water we had gathered the night before and returned it to the watershed.

It was a beautiful day and we will do something like this again. Stay tuned!