You are never too old to wear flowers in your hair.

In fact, I can think of nothing better to represent inner sovereignty. As we live into the fullness of our lives, it is only more and more powerful to connect with our crowns.

This year we’ve been showered with images of King Charles’ coronation. It was a lavish display of the crown jewels: precious stones mined from the earth and closely guarded. By assuming the crown, King Charles becomes the sovereign over all of the United Kingdom.

To have a crown of flowers is not a dismal replacement for all of us who cannot afford precious stones. Our crown of flowers represents a different sense of power and sovereignty.

Flowers are an extravagant, fragrant, absurdly beautiful threshold in the life of the plant. Through union with pollinators, the flower creates a seed. The seed carries the future generations of the plant.

Woman with flower crown of roses holding large herbal hoop

Flowers remind us of our creative power and our role in the world. Their meaning is heightened when we wear them as a crown.

If we are born headfirst, just before we emerge from our mother’s body, we “crown.” That crown is a sacred threshold throughout our lives. Through our crowns we connect with the divine.

When kings are crowned, they are born into a new role, one that is given divine authority.

Yet, we all have a direct sacred connection to the divine. We all need to wear our crowns throughout our lives. It is a symbol of our sovereignty, our inner knowing and intimate relationship with the universe. This is a sovereignty experienced in the circle of community, a sovereignty that leads us into reciprocity and mutuality. I’m grateful to my study of women’s ritual dances with Laura Shannon which opened me up to this understanding of crowns.

I invite you to wear a wild flower crown as your crowning glory. What greater achievement could there be in life than owning your inner authority and passing on the essence of life to the future?

There are two crown-wearing opportunities this month!

Get your crown on!


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