Mid-Summer Celebration

Sunday, July 2, 2023
Crosby Farm Regional Park Picnic Shelter, Saint Paul, MN

4:00-5:00, Wreath and crown making & community time – If able, please bring flowers to share
5:00-6:00, Potluck feast
6:00-6:30, Receive a personal blessing with the healing hoop of herbs and flowers & make an herbal remedy.
6:30-9:00, Live music with Greg Herriges and friends, dancing, and ambiance.

Join us for however much of the day you can. FREE

Bask in the joy of summer! The Mid-Summer Celebration happens when the flowers and herbs are at their peak. It’s not only peak beauty, it’s peak potency. It’s time to store up the glory and power of summer in the form of healing herbs as well as memories that will warm us through the winter.

This celebration begins with the relaxed fun of making flower crowns and a healing hoop of herbs. Passing through the hoop is an old Tracian tradition for supporting health and vitality. Traditionally the hoop would be made with 77 and a half different types of herbs – enough to every illness. After our potluck feast we have an open time for each person to receive a ritual blessing from the herbal hoop and make an herbal remedy to store for the winter season.

We will then activate the power of the plants even more through the collective joy of women’s traditional dances. These community dances in a circle tap into ancient motifs with a blend of traditional and contemporary music. No experience is necessary. Dip into one or two dances before sitting back to enjoy the ambience or dance the night away. The Mid-Summer Celebration is a joyful day open to all ages and genders.

As the sun prepares to set we head down to the river banks for a few final dances, dipping our toes in the water as we dance. We cast our flower crowns as a blessing into the river as dusk approaches.

Please both herbs or flowers to share as well as a potluck dish. Dressing in white is fun, you are invited to do so if it suits you.

FREE. The Mid-Summer Celebration is a gift to the community made possible by the generous donors to Wisdom Dances and Eye of the Heart Center.

The Mid-Summer Celebration is part of an annual cycle of seasonal celebrations