We will celebrate the height of summer with an evening of dancing, live music, feasting and working with plants. There will be a potluck meal, a special program, live music and merriment. The Mid-Summer Celebration is a relaxed, joyful day open to all who want to participate or bask in the glow as an observer.

Join us as we make a hoop full of healing herbs. Passing through the hoop is an old Tracian tradition for supporting health and vitality. We will also create crowns from the flowers and herbs and cast them as a blessing into the river as dusk approaches. No experience necessary. All are welcome. Come for any part of the day.

Please bring a dish to share at potluck feast. Dressing in white is fun, you are invited to do so if it suits you.

FREE. The Mid-Summer Celebration is a gift to the community made possible by the generous donors to Wisdom Dances.

Sunday, July 2, 2023
Crosby Farm Regional Park Picnic Shelter, Saint Paul, MN
4:00-5:00, Wreath and crown making & community time – If able, please bring flowers to share
5:00-6:00, Potluck feast
6:00-6:30, Short ritual with healing hoop of herbs and flowers
6:30-9:00, Dancing and releasing our wreaths into the river. Music by Greg Herriges and friends.

Join us for however much of the day you can.

Mid-Summer Celebration 2020