The sap is rising and we are beginning a new growing season.  Some of us live still surrounded by snow but soon we will see GREEN! The bursting-forth energy of spring supports each of us to plant our intentions for ourselves, our work, our families, and our world and to help them grow.

This year I’m feeling very grateful for the water that makes the new growth of spring possible. It feels fitting that World Water Day is this Saturday, March 22 at the beginning of spring. A water ceremony will be part of the Wisdom Dances Spring Equinox Celebration on that same day.


On this threshold of spring, here is a water blessing:

  1. Breathe in your connection to water.  The same water that passes through our bodies may travel around the world as a cloud. The water cycle connects us all.
  1. Pay attention to how water is connected to everything in your life. How has water shaped the landscape where you live? How is water used to raise your food? How is energy use connected to water? (The connection between water and energy is the official theme for UN World Water Day 2014.)  How does water move through your city and your home?
  1. Listen for the stories the water has to tell. The waters of the world carry some difficult stories, including pollution, radiation, privatization, and restriction. Listen with an open heart and ask for forgiveness.
  1. Bless the water. May all water that you interact with be purified and filled with love so that it may carry these blessings out into the world.
  1. Spring is an auspicious time to take action. How can your food and energy choices also protect water? Choose one aspect of water stewardship that is really important to you and do it well.

Overflowing blessings,