I’m a generally hopeful person. But I’ll be honest and say that some moments it takes a great deal of discipline to remain hopeful. Like after listening to the news.

I need to feed my hopeful self. Lately I’ve been nourishing myself by visiting Coldwater Spring, a place sacred to the Dakota. (You can find it near Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.)



I’m awed that water flows out of rock! I spend probably more time than the average person thinking about how water flows through our city and how we can get it into the ground to prevent urban flooding and protect clean drinking water.

But at Coldwater Spring the opposite is happening – water is rising up!

I was recently asked when did I first really KNOW water. I struggled to answer because water continues to be bigger than I can understand and surprises me by springing out of the earth. I feel like I have only barely begun to really know water and receive all that it has to teach me about how life renews.

I need water’s wisdom because the world can seem like a landslide of bad news boulders. It can look like everything is crashing down.

So I’m paying attention to where water springs up out of rock. Where life wants to break through.

What are the springs in your life? Do you live near a spring? Where else do you feel the miracle of renewing life bubbling up in you?

With hope,