Time for a beauty break!

Every week I bring water blessed by the Healing Waters Qigong practice group to Lake Hiawatha. As I pause on the shore of the lake my senses come alive. I have felt awed so many times. Most weeks I remember to take a picture and post it to the Healing Waters Qigong Facebook group and Wisdom Dances Instagram feeds. I’ve been taking photos consistently for a little over a year, which I can now share in this beautiful slideshow.

One pleasant surprise for me from the video is the realization that the lake isn’t frozen for that many months. Winter does flow into spring. I’ll bear that in mind as we head into this unusual winter.

Most of my pictures are pretty, but you will see that Lake Hiawatha’s waters are impaired and the beach was closed for a good part of the summer due to high bacteria levels. There are complex reasons for this, which require action on many fronts. One of the biggest policy changes that could change the health of all our waters is to grant personhood to our lakes and rivers. We move towards that vision when we develop personal relationships with our lakes and rivers. My regular visits with this one place are a first step.

This is a good year to cultivate a relationship with a special spot outside. Maybe you walk through a place regularly. I invite you to pause and be in relationship. Stop and touch and see and listen. Return to that spot at least weekly. Come with your heartache and questions and see if answers come. Perhaps you will have songs you want to offer in return. I promise something beautiful will unfold.

All my love,


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