Hello dear one,

Photo by Bobbi Lewandowski

These have been a very full few weeks for me, with the passing of three significant people in my life. Normally I like to write a little lotus flower of a blog post to bring beauty and meaning to our muddy lives. But right now the waters are very churned up for me and I don’t feel my usual clarity.

In his talk about the energy of the Year of the Rat, my qigong teacher Master Chunyi Lin said that many of us might feel overwhelmed by all the extreme changes around us. He actually put a more positive spin on it, saying that this year people in general will go much deeper into their hearts to find the truth in everything. At first I just wanted to hear the part about everyone going deeper into their hearts – we need that! But of course, such a journey often doesn’t happen without a little push. Living in these times of uncertainty and risk, the only way to find our bearing will be to go into our hearts.

Right now I feel more in touch with the feeling of disorientation than with a sense that my heart is expanding. I’m watching a little more Netflix than usual and am really enjoying my silly ballet movie, thank you very much (a total regression to my adolescent self).

As I was enjoying a little inspiration from Brené Brown (also on Netflix) one of her research findings stood out to me. She says that resilient people share in common a single trait: they use the phrase “the story I am telling myself….” The stories we tell ourselves give us meaning and purpose no matter our circumstances.

The story I’m telling myself now is that I’m in the middle of reworking the stories I tell myself. I’m reflecting a lot on the stories of the people in my life who have passed. I’m pondering what story to tell myself about catastrophic fires, pandemics, children in cages at our border, and the persistent injustices around us.

Tending my inner stories this way is a creative process. I spend time writing and working with images. Reading is part of the process too. Perhaps most importantly is the time spent letting everything marinate and synthesize together – through rest, walking, meditation, and play.

I keep telling Master Lin’s story to myself: that the uncertainty and overwhelm around me is giving me a chance to go even deeper into the compass of my heart. I hope it’s a story that can help you, too.

With all my love,


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Get more of the story on the Year of the Rat

I’ll be sharing my notes from Master Lin’s presentation about the energy of the Year of the Rat at the upcoming Healing Waters Qigong practice group this Wednesday, March 4 at 3:30. He had a lot to say about tapping into the strengths of creativity and spirituality this year as well protecting oneself against the virus energy which is very active this year. Learn more about Healing Waters Qigong.