The almost-but-not-quite feeling of the earth preparing for spring is tantalizing. Are you noticing it? We can all sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – Spring! Vaccines! – but it is not here yet.

The waiting can feel so frustrating.

This can also be a good time.

I’m personally celebrating that last week I finally finished the house project I thought would be the first thing we would do when things shut down for the pandemic. As I was buying my first hand sanitizers I was also checking that we had enough ceiling paint for our living room. Reinventing our lives and work ended up taking precedence. Eleven months later I felt I was going to be a little disappointed if the pandemic passed without this project happening.

Turns out the obstacle was our heavy old piano that could no longer be tuned.

Sounds sort of obvious now, right? Remove that which is out of tune in your life and you have energy to move forward. It’s not just a metaphor! That was literally the situation in my home. We got a new piano and within a few days we were painting the whole room.

This is a great time of year for tuning ourselves. I picture the orchestra tuning together before breaking forth in music.

The music hasn’t started yet. I don’t think we know what song it will be. Maybe it’s still being written! That’s how it feels right now; not only is it difficult to make any plans we also know whatever comes from this moment needs to be something new.

I hope this pandemic has sufficiently disrupted “normal” that we do not desire to return to it. That was a way of suffering which dishonors all species life.

The idea of preparing ourselves for something new, especially when we do not know what the new thing will be, can be daunting. But this is our collective work. We can prepare ourselves. Tuning is a helpful metaphor for it. Tune yourself. Attune to others. Attune to life.

In the coming month before spring is officially upon us, here are some ways you might refine your resonance with yourself and life:

  • Breathe. It’s always a good time to tune into the breath and into our bodies.
  • Pay attention to what you tune into. When you tune into radio station, podcast, news source or streaming service what feeling and information are you tuning into?
  • Read and enjoy art. Intentionally tune into beauty and teachings that make your heart sing.
  • Make and enjoy beautiful sounds. Singing or chanting vibrates your whole body. Ringing a bell or listening to music works too.
  • Eliminate things that don’t resonate with you. Marie Kondo says it oh so well.
  • Listen to your dreams. With gratitude receive your dreams and write them down; in doing so you strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom.
  • Let community pick you up. Intentionally spend time with people you resonate with and who bring out the best in you.

Foremost, I encourage you to resist pushing the river. While I eagerly anticipate new life, this time of preparation is a gift too.

Many blessings and lots of love,


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