You make a difference in all that you do. But if you are anything like me, it can be so hard to remember this. Sure, it’s easy to remember when one particularly negative person wrecked a meeting or party. It’s more difficult to see how all the little kind things we do add up to make a difference.

Noticing our ability to positively impact each other is one of the most exciting aspects of my weekly group qigong practice. The magic happens when we practice group healing.

Practice Group Inside Breathing the UniversePeople share some powerful experiences from being the focus of the group healing. Some feel lighter. One woman shared that she felt a sudden reduction in her chronic back pain. Another woman shared that she had been struggling with being judgmental of herself and others and in the healing experienced unconditional love.

Wow! It is so amazing to participate in other people’s shifts and openings.

Everyone in our group is new to qigong yet through our simple movements, intention, and connection to universal energy we make a big difference for each other. It’s so good for each of us to hear that immediate feedback!

I wish for each of us that we can go through our days with confidence that our actions matter. We have the ability to impact one another in ways more profound than we can imagine.

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