Dear one,

I bow to your precious, unique soul.

I bow in wonder that our lives are profoundly woven together with the fabric of the universe.

I wonder what the world would be like if we lived with this reverence to each other.

This morning I’m keenly aware of the deep wound we all experience when we dehumanize each other. It’s not just people dying, but that we are violating the sacredness of life. Not only am I grieving the loss of the young black man Daunte Wright, I am also grieving how police killing is a deep wound to our humanity. That’s what hurts so much I can barely look at it.

Deep breath.

I love you, you sacred human.

You may have noticed that I haven’t written as frequently lately. Some “side projects” have been taking center stage with my attention. My involvement with indigenous-led water ceremonies, Nibi Walks, has turned into two enormous projects I’ve been supporting this winter and spring. It all began by asking “What, if anything, can I do to help?” One thing has led to the next over many years and I feel honored to be doing very in depth work for Nibi Walks. It has taken some of my attention away from Wisdom Dances for a season, yet I see showing up and supporting BIPOC groups to be part of my work.

I am overdue in announcing two new offerings from me on the topic of Living Water. Sweet water, where we are brought into relationship with each other and God; a great river connecting us with our past and future. I go to the water to renew myself in these challenging times. Water is justice work and spiritual transformation all in one for me.

I’m especially committed to helping people within the Christian tradition (and beyond!) reclaim their relationship and teachings around water. Not only do water traditions connect us with a well-spring of life, it also prepares us to re-imagine our world as strong allies with indigenous water keepers.

This May I will be offering a three session, outdoor class exploring the many dimensions of Living Water. This class offers a foundation upon which you can build a contemplative practice by the water.

Since this fall, I have also been offering a monthly Contemplation by the Water at Wita Tomna (Lake of the Isles) in Minneapolis. I’d love to see you there!

Contemplation by the water is about falling in love in every direction possible – with our own selves, with Mother Earth, with the universe, and with each other. Falling in love is how we will restore our humanity and respect for the sovereignty of life.

With all my love,


Connect with Living Water

Come explore how richly meaningful praying by the water can be, grounded in tradition and connecting us with our community. A 45-minute presentation will prepare you for 30 minutes of practice. Meditative songs and readings will help you enter into silent contemplation. Through stories, Christian mysticism, the watershed, and justice movements, we will explore the depth and significance of contemplation by the water. May 6, 13, and 20. Learn more and register.

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