I recently returned from a week visiting my family, including my mother-in-law who is in a lot of pain from ovarian cancer. I’m both deeply fulfilled and very tired.

I’ve seen a lot of people around me needing to suddenly drop everything and be with some significant challenge. The death of a relative. A burglary. Unexpected surgery.

One of the challenges I find is figuring out how to drop everything without that chaotic feeling of dropping balls (full disclosure: I dropped a few this week). Or how to let go into what is being asked of me without crashing into my pillow in tears at the end of the day (I did that too).

I know I am not alone in facing a world that is full of demanding and challenging change. So I thought I’d share some of the things that are helping me stay sane.

Making lists of everything I’ll get to later.

It makes it much easier for my mind to let go of my many projects if I know there will be a way for me to pick them up later.

Asking for help BEFORE I’m totally against a wall and desperate.

For me this has taken the form of asking for a ride to the airport, taking people up on offers to play with my daughter, or letting someone bring dinner.

Receiving help is important for two reasons. First, it helps me out. Second, and more importantly, it give me a sense of being part of a caring community that is here to help catch me.

Spending time outside.

The Hudson Valley was my refuge this past week.

The Hudson Valley was my refuge this past week.

As I’ve developed a stronger relationship with the elements and my particular place I experience an increasing sense of the earth supporting me. I can drop into it.

Self care. Self care. Self care.

My daily meditation practice holds everything together. Both when I dance and meditate, I come back to an embodied knowing that everything is okay in the universe. I carry that knowledge in my body as I return to this changing world.

In the best case scenarios, challenges and change can inspire us to drop into a deeper sense of trust and connection.

May you feel deeply held and supported in this wild world.




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