Oh, the allure of checking Facebook (or email or your phone)! I catch myself hoping I’ll discover something really wonderful. Something that will make me laugh or sigh with beauty. Maybe some photos of my far-flung friends and family.

I log in, expectant, ready for Facebook to make things right. I doubt I’m the only one who does this but you don’t have to confess.

Email and Facebook are wonderful tools for being deeply connected to the world. Many wonderful people send or post wonderful things that I’m grateful to know.

Some days I scroll greedily ever more deeply into my news feed. As I log off, I’m usually still hungry. Through my practice of listening deeply to the longing of my heart I realized that I am checking Facebook the most when I am hungry for a connection to source.

So here’s my new mantra:

Checking Facebook is Not the Same as Tapping Into Source

facebook does not equal source

Ok, that sounds obvious now that I write it. But we all get confused.

I want to invite you into the practice of noticing when your heart is hungry.

Here are three steps to practice.

What is your heart’s secret fantasy for what it might find in your newsfeed or email box?

  • You have just won $1,000,000!
  • You are awesome beyond belief!
  • You can relax because everything is going to be okay.
  • Will you marry me?

Well, maybe a marriage proposal would be more romantic in person.

What is your heart longing to receive from these messages?

I don’t mean the diamond ring or the cash. I mean the way you hope to feel. Safe. Peaceful. Creative. Free. Loved. What is your hunger?

It’s very powerful and liberating to be able to identify this longing. Have courage! Simply naming your longing begins to take out its sting and its control over you.

Feed you heart

My breakthrough was when I came home from a meeting exhausted. I was in prime “let’s check Facebook” mode but instead I walked right back out the door to the lake by my house. I sat by the water and gradually softened and came back into my body.

Find your way of feeding your heart and connecting with source. It can be as simple as a breath.

Your longing and desire are your guide and support.

If I listened to the resistance I feel nearly everyday right before my meditation practice I would never sit down. Or I’d never head out on a dark cold night to go dancing. My desire is what pulls me through and I’m so happy when I get to the other side.

It’s the beginning of a new year and a great time to look at things anew. What is your heart really longing for in the coming year. Will you find it on Facebook?

With love,



P.S. Nourishing your heart with a connection to source takes practice and support. I offer practice groups (qigong and dance), retreats, classes, and individual sessions to help you wake up feeling inspired and end each day feeling like it mattered.