“Is it all going to be okay?” So many of us unconsciously carry this question with us as we open the refrigerator, listen to the news, shop, or worry over our loved ones.

When bigger challenges come our way it’s even harder to see how things are going to work out.

Recently I was deeply touched to hear the story of a man who was dying, and he described feeling surrounded by loved ones who had died before him, assuring him that everything is going to be okay.

What a profound gift!

I really do believe with my bones that everything is going to be okay, although I don’t know what ‘okay’ looks like.

Cultivating this deep trust in life was (and continues to be!) integral to both my own journey from life-threatening illness (hooray!) and healing work in the world.

So how does one build trust for life when it can be fickle, unreliable, even cruel? Just as with people, open-heartedness is the only way to really transform a hurting relationship.

Nourishing your heart is the key

There are so many beautiful things written about the heart. While much of it has inspired me, my most powerful shifts have happened when I’ve used movement and creativity to get out of my head.

Here is a little bit of first aid for the heart, a simple massage of the palm that I find really calming and soothing. Try it before you write in your journal, go to sleep or meditate and see if you notice a different quality in yourself.

Here’s how it goes (I learned this from Master Chunyi Lin):

  • Begin with the left hand.
  • Curl your third finger in to touch your palm. This helps you identify the heart point in your palm.
  • Take the thumb of your right hand and massage that spot in a circle 36 times in each direction. Use firm by not excruciating pressure.
  • Repeat with the right palm.

palm massage

This simple massage might help you get out of feeling highly triggered by a situation. Of course there is a lot farther to go. That’s where consistent practice and community support come in.

“Is everything going to be okay?” is probably one of the biggest questions in life. Blessings to you as you live into your answer.

With love,



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