Spring traditions keep me going through our fickle spring. We got ice cream when ice left the lake. Loons have called from the newly open lake on their brief layover before heading north. I’m back on my bike. I hardly recognized my neighbor’s toddler since he grew so much during the six months we’ve been cooped up inside. How I love the energy of springtime!springtime!

One could say spring is inevitable. The Earth spins in a way that allows us to predict spring. Yet, what if we welcomed the new life of spring with all the attention we give to the birth of a child?

I’m reminded of the power of doulas. Having a doula sitting quietly in a room during a birth, not interacting at all with the mother or doctors – simply witnessing – improves birth outcomes. That research has always impressed me in the power of presence.

What if spring could use a doula?

cherry blossoms with the words "your presence improves spring's birthing outcomes"

What if being present and witnessing the process of life emerging could help spring be even more glorious?

Our busy, generally indoor lives, make it easy to forget that the plants and animals around us have good and bad days just like us. Sometimes they just get by and other times they thrive. During the early days of the pandemic, when traveling was greatly reduced, researchers quantified how birds actually sang more. Others commented on how the plants all seemed to be more vibrant.

So yes, spring will come, the trees will leaf out, the birds will return. And, we can impact the quality of this spring emergence. I’m talking about how our presence and attention makes an impact. Habitat loss and environmental stress are not the only factors.

What is deeply appreciating my flowering plum tree not only brought me pleasure, but also improved the fruiting and health of the tree?

Dancing, singing, and holding rituals for springtime is probably one of the oldest, global human phenomenon. I believe it was always more than humanity dancing for joy in response to spring blossoms. I believe these traditions truly were part of being in deep relationship with the land and life. Yet now, because we know so much about science, these rites are usually dismissed as superstition.

People gathered in a spiral dance with arms raised with words "Earth Day Celebration"

I invite you to be curious with me about the pearl of wisdom within the ebullience of spring dance traditions. I reflect on them like studying a Zen Koan. The nature of a Koan is that it invites us to ponder the unanswerable. One of the greatest mysteries for me is how life emerges from death. Dancing spring traditions are always an encounter with that Mystery.

It’s spring! Let’s frolic for joy that we made it through winter!

And let’s find ways to be deeply present to each other and nature, witnessing and supporting the emergence of new life. We will be dancing with this spirit at the Earth Day Celebration on April 30. I’d love to see you there!

I love you,


Earth Day Celebration

Come one, Come all to the Community Earth Day Celebration!

Join our dancing “Bees” for a culminating celebration on their day of dancing to bless the community. Be blessed. Join in on the blessing. Learn more about the joy and aliveness here. Free!

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