So many people I talk with feel trapped in their life in some way. It could be heavy burdens with work or family, a health issue, or just not feeling authentic.

One of the worst parts of feeling trapped is not knowing the next step.

Lately I’ve been feeling really pushed to pay attention to the next steps. I’m witnessing two friends who each got a cancer diagnosis in the past week and am wading with them through what I consider the worst part of cancer – waiting to figure out what are the next steps. I’m devouring David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: the Art of Stressfree Productivity and am inspired by his focus on primarily tracking next action steps. I’m even working on a grant proposal to the Next Step Fund for artists.

The grant proposal is an interesting challenge. What would you do with a $5,000 gift for to advance your life’s work? Can you name your life’s work? Can you identify some opportunities or challenges that would be helped by $5,000? What do these questions inspire in you?

I confess my first response is a furrowed brow and tired confusion. I’m using my head to figure it out. But as my qigong teacher is so fond of saying, only 10% of the body’s energy is in the head. The other 90% is in the heart.

Decisions I make with my whole body are usually quite clear and guide me well. When your gut, heart, and mind have been in unity, have they ever led you astray? I am reminded of how many times I’ve received great ideas while meditating or dancing.

Here’s my next step before all others: integrate my body and mind. The rest will flow from there.

With love,