A year ago I had the unique opportunity to celebrate the regenerative mystery of Easter in Lesvos, Greece. Just outside of the village of Molyvos I attended Laura Shannon’s Greek Easter Dance and Culture Seminar.

Laura is my guiding teacher; my work is based on her pioneering approach to traditional women’s dances as tools for healing and transformation.

Throughout my experience I noticed how I kept on encountering thresholds. While I was there my mother-in-law also crossed a threshold: from this life into the next. The grief process meant it has taken me longer than expected to create a story about my experience.

I offer this short reflection on thresholds as we face many personal and collective unknowns. These are all thresholds. Sometimes I know it can feel that we are precariously on the threshold of all sorts of horrible things.

I also know that every moment, every place can be a threshold for the sacred and for more life. The quality of our presence makes a tremendous impact on which way things go at life’s thresholds.

Every time I look at this video I feel inspired to keep trusting our ability to move towards community and experience deeper interconnection. It is less than four minutes long – a mini Greek vacation.

Blessings to you as you continue to strengthen the quality of your presence. May our collective presence welcome healing and transformation into our world.

With love,



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