It is hard to wake up in the morning when you know your life doesn’t fit. I frequently hear people share their unhappiness with jobs that suck them dry or relationships that are draining.

People often find their way to me looking for a way to address their stress. Mostly I do help people feel better.

Warning: as you feel better, things may also feel worse.

Feeling worse can be a sign that things are getting better. I don’t want you to be completely chilled out as you are swallowed by things that are sucking the life out of you and others.

I’ve tried my darndest to tolerate impossible jobs by being “more Zen.” I did learn a lot about mindfulness. And I also eventually learned that I needed to quit my job.

The most powerful antidote to stress is coming home to ourselves and our place in the cosmos. As we become more connected to ourselves we have less tolerance for anything that obstructs our authenticity.

Watch Lake Hiawatha groan through shedding its ice.

Getting comfortable with the discomfort

Sometimes is takes quite a while for the new truth within ourselves to be strong enough to guide us through a significant job change. Almost always we find ourselves living through a time of being in-between what we want life to be like and what it is. It can be really uncomfortable.

This discomfort is your ally, guiding you to something that feels more authentic and full of life for you.

My challenge to you today is practice befriending discomfort. Celebrate those painful “this is no longer working” moments as signs that you are waking up. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself along these lines is to allow yourself to feel exactly how you feel at this moment without needing to change any of it. How are you right this minute? Stressed? Encouraged? Distracted? All of that is okay.

Making changes can be uncomfortable too

Making big life changes, even awesome changes, is stressful too. Especially when it feels like everything is in flux, we need the practices that help us connect to the whole of life and a bigger love.

What I love about working with people over time is that I see the changes happen. One client that is in the midst of a job change shared with me something so wise I had to write it down:

“I realized that the energy it takes to make changes in my life is still less than the energy that it takes to live outside of my authenticity.”

Woo-hoo! This is what healing and transformation looks like.

May your compassionate, creative self feel the freedom to soar.

With love,



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