Something new is cooking. It’s a continuation of a guiding mission to kindle a vibrant connection to nature, our bodies, and the Mystery.

The pursuit of this aliveness has shaped my spiritual journey. For a while I was simply leaving anything that felt dead – and I have left just about every institution (the church, academia, the non-profit world), at least for a time.

But my own near death experience clarified what gives me life: dance and qigong. Embodied spiritual practice. It’s never been one or the other, but both. Two strands braided together with many other influences. Together they create a strong life-line for me.

A group dances at the edge of woods and prairie, in a circle, hands raising to the sky where a bird if flying by.

My strength as a teacher also comes from my dedication to multiple lineages. My qigong practice is influenced by my deep relationships with Indigenous Water Walkers. Qigong has given me language for what’s happening in dance. Dance has opened the door to reconnecting to the mystical lineage within my Christian heritage. The cross pollination is what makes my teaching uniquely rich.

I’m always exploring how my eco-system of practices is engaged and accountable to the ecosystem around me. Connecting with other creatives and contemplatives creates a small thrill within me.

What happens if we intentionally cultivate a creative and contemplative ecosystem together? This is a natural personal evolution for me; of course someone who works in multiple disciplines would evolve into deep collaboration with others.

I have been carrying two visions for a long time. I dream:

  • My practice circles evolve from honoring the cycle of the seasons to honoring the seasons of our lives through rites of passage.
  • For an in-depth learning program for people who want to become wise elders or who seek both inner and outer transformation.

I’ve learned that these visions are bigger than just my work and are meant to be pursued in a larger community. This is part of what excites me most about the new organization I am co-creating: the Eye of the Heart Center.

image of red cave rocks with sky peeking through and the words "The Vision for Eye of the Heart Center"

At our roots, Eye of the Heart Center is growing many little communities that practice dance and qigong as well as writing, spiritual listening and more. On a practical level, my qigong and dance offerings will migrate under this larger organizational umbrella. But we are not stopping there. We are inviting people of all generations to see this creative and spiritual play as part of something bigger.

With hearts attuned to the intelligence of nature and
receptive to the movement of divine Mystery,
we are irresistibly participating in creating
a regenerative culture of cooperation and caring
from the inside out.

If this bigger vision excites you, I encourage you to sign up for the Eye of the Heart Center Newsletter. Stay tuned for more invitations from me about this exciting project.



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