Mississippi River at Hidden FallsMy heart is still full from singing practice at Hidden Falls Park, with the gorgeous Mississippi River and bald eagles calling out in what felt like a response to our song.

It was special because my life also requires that I spend a lot of time at my desk and take care of things inside. The news is dominated by tragedy and rancor and then there are all the complexities of “regular life” stuff.

The world asks a lot of us, so my question is how do we maintain a sense of being fully nourished, present and creative?

Summer is here to bless us.

My night at the river reminded me of how even a short time immersed in summer can give so much. I’m encouraging myself to receive this blessing ever more deeply.

Here is what receiving the blessing of summer can look like:

Be outside. Feel the wind and sun. Hear the birds. Bask and rest in it. Nap on the grass and smell the earth. Let the sunset fill you with beauty.

Let the fruits of summer nourish you. Picking berries can be an ecstatic experience if the fruits are juicy and its so amazing to think of the plants, pollinators and complex eco-system that brought the berries into being. Opening your senses at the farmer’s market works as well.

Float in some water. As you lie on your back and gaze at the sky, you create a body memory of one of the many ways water supports you.

Floating can also be an opportunity to feel carried by the wind and current – by life itself. Float and experience the support of this flow.

All this warmth and water and green is a blessing. What would it be like to receive it as a blessing for you – nourishing you, supporting you, carrying you. If you felt deeply supported by life, what would be possible for you? What would be possible for all of us together?

With love,



Sink into the rhythm of summer by learning to play the frame drum in an outdoor class.

Let a stand of old pines support your meditation during the Healing Waters Qigong practice group.

Be nourished by the magical healing garden that hosts the practice of traditional dances as a community sacred healing art.

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