Do you know what you want? Kinda? I want to sing the praises of following the “sort of.”

Sort of is such a great place to start. I began with that “sort of” clarity nearly three years ago when I knew I wanted to share the vitality I find in dancing. I’ve been teaching classes by many different names, in many different places.

In September I will begin teaching Dancing Kefi at the Yoga Sanctuary. Kefi is a Greek word for a feeling of joy, passion, excitement and love of life all mixed together. My heart is ever more clear on how this is the gift for people’s lives in the dancing and the primary focus of my work. The change in location reflects a choice to hold the class in as inside space that feels sacred.

I want all my revising and experimenting to be permission-giving inspiration for you to keep revising and experimenting in your own life.

My recent experiment with including kale in my centerpiece.

My recent experiment with including kale in my centerpiece.

For me the process has included:

Embracing “good enough,” not perfection. While each step feels clearer, I keep on realizing there is more around the bend. Arriving at perfection is not the point, anyway.

Listening for what is alive. It’s meant so much to me to hear the experience of people in my classes. Tending to my own spark within my teaching has encouraged me to show up with increasing presence. I’m also learning how to move away from spaces and tasks that drain me.

Making a habit of remembering my goals. I strive to begin each meditation, or each dance by remembering my intention. This is actually quite difficult for me – I want to skip ahead to the fun parts. I’m still figuring out how broad or specific I want to be with my purpose. Gradually, through repetition and practice, it is easier for me to feel like I’m connected to what my heart is really wanting. It becomes easier to remember what my goal feels like and sense myself moving towards embodiment of it.

Letting go. Here’s one of my edges: What if I let go of the identity of myself as a dance teacher and conceived of myself as an aliveness teacher? Of course I still dance. The focus is different. What we want may look different than we think it does. For example, my brother and his partner, who have been trying to start a family through foster-to-adopt, suddenly found themselves with twins last week!

So here’s to experimentation and evolution! The perfectionism, confusion, depletion, and rigidity of my younger self would not have been up to it. I am in debt to the embodied practices that got me to this day – and I would delight in sharing them with you. What’s your next evolution?

With love,



P.S. Feeling grounded in your soul makes it so much easier to experiment and evolve. Take a deep drink of creative soul nourishment at the upcoming Autumn Retreat on the theme of Roots, Ease, Creativity & Joy.

P.P.S. You can fill your inner storehouse of vitality and courage through weekly practice of qigong or dance.