I love the tradition of reviewing the year. What a wild year this has been! Sometimes its mind boggling to just review the day’s news and catastrophes of a month ago are so quickly subsumed by the next urgent thing.

So while I get so much out of reviewing my journals and organizing my photos from the past year, this year I’ve felt the need to widen the lens of reflection.

I have been thinking about the universe’s broader movement towards more life and more consciousness. It’s been interesting to reflect on both my year and our collective year in this wider context.

Moving Towards More Life and More Consciousness

It is truly awesome that the simple hydrogen gas that followed the big bang gathered into stars, the stars created heavier elements, debris from super novas created planets, and eventually life forms appeared that could touch, then see, then build telescopes and discuss the history of the universe. This is one way of describing how the universe has evolved into more consciousness. This is Big History, so big, that I lead whole retreats on this topic.

Try to stick with this bigger movement and impulse for life, even if our public discourse is not feeling particularly evolved.

How have you been moving into more consciousness?

This is the juicy part of our lives, where we have felt ourselves coming more alive and in deeper connection. If this has been a numbing and painful year this can be a harder question to answer. The painful emotions carry wisdom, and more consciousness lies within them as well.

Some of the ways I felt my consciousness expand include gaining new insights into my daughter and how I can help her, walking on the Missouri River Water Walk and experiencing the spirit of the water in an expanded way, discovering even greater mastery in working with my own energy, and working deeply on the intersections in environmental justice issues.

These are all places where I feel not only myself coming more alive but also an enlivening sense of relatedness, reciprocity, and profound belonging that is moving through our collective.

How is life inviting you to come more alive?

Oh the joy of coming alive! Once I taste it I always want more. The alive moments of my past year beckon me to grow even more deeply into them.

Building on last year I’ll be trying some new approaches in parenting and refining my work further. Where do you sense more life wanting to emerge through you?

This reflective process is about attuning ourselves to the universe’s movement towards more consciousness and more life. Feeling part of a much bigger and trustworthy movement towards life is a powerful touchstone for me in chaotic times. As we align ourselves with the evolutionary movement we are also tapping into source, energy, and support.

With aliveness,



Winter Solstice Celebrations

You are invited to join the Wisdom Dances Winter Solstice Celebration on Thursday December 21 at 7 PM featuring live music, reflection, and traditional ritual dances. No experience necessary.

Healing Water Qigong will hold a special Winter Solstice meditation during the normal practice group time of Wednesday, December 20, from 3:30-4:40.

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