Hello friends!

What an exciting summer it has been! It was been exactly one month since the Roots and Kinship event with Lyla June and I’m still taking in what a wonderful evening it was! Many other wonderful things have also filled my past month, including a dance conference and traveling to Winnipeg in order to participate in the Red River Water Walk.

I have been so in the moment with these events that I haven’t been able to step outside and also post photos or share stories at the same time. My nervous system is needing quite a while to settle down after so much excitement. I should write “introvert” across my forehead.

While I’m still sorting through pictures and writing my reflections, I will share this photo of me, finding some quiet in the Boundary Waters this past week.

Slowing down is hard. My week with my family was wonderful, but my dreams are still pretty busy. I’m grateful that the Minnesota seasons are my teacher. This past month of summer excitement began as seeds in January. My task as we begin to enter into autumn is to gather the stories and teachings of this abundant season.

How are you feeling the turning of the seasons? The beginning of September is so often a time of gearing up – how might it also be a time for starting to slow down?



Cultivate Balance with Embodied Spiritual Practices

Healing Waters Qigong is a Spring Forest Qigong practice group.

The Wisdom Dances Circle is based on Laura Shannon’s research on traditional dances from the Balkans, Greece, and Asia Minor as tools for healing and transformation.