Happy Equinox!

I love this time of year – still warm but offering us cozy evenings.

Today in particular the day and night are equal. From a qigong perspective we say yin and yang are equal to each other. While they might be perfectly balanced today on some magical yin and yang scale, that is only a fleeting moment and we are entering the more inward time of the year.

It doesn’t mean that we are out of balance every other non-equinox day of the year. There is a range within which we can be comfortably in balance even if unevenly. We love cozy winter fires because they create a balance to the depths of winter. Time at the beach feels so good because it balances the heat of summer.

Yin and yang will always look for a way to be in balance. If we take one to any extreme, what it takes to balance it might no longer feel so comfortable. We might try not sleeping, but eventually we might get sick from not enough sleep.

How do we work with the dynamic dance of yin and yang while staying within a range of extremes that supports a happy life? That’s the big question. It’s an urgent question for the climate and justice.

Some ancient Chinese masters have said that enlightenment comes when one masters yin and yang. Mastery means so much more than memorizing a list of qualities. It is about knowing how to bring balance and harmony to your body, your relationships, or to any situation you are in.

I’m going to be talking about yin and yang next week on Spring Forest Qigong Everyday. Monday through Friday, 8-8:30 AM Central I will be guiding a free qigong practice on the Spring Forest Qigong Facebook page.

Yin and Yang are also one of the foundational principles covered in the Spring Forest Qigong Level One – Qi Activation class that I am teaching two times this fall. I’m thrilled to share this comprehensive introduction to qigong, for both your mind and heart. Maybe you’ve experienced a few of the qi gong movements but just don’t feel like it holds together as a meaningful system – if so, this class is for you!

Wishing you harmony through your day,


Activate your Qi with a comprensive introduction to qi gong.

Learn about the ancient science of qigong which uses the breath, body, mind, and sound to achieve and maintain perfect health. There are two opportunities to join me this fall to gain a solid foundation for beginning a qigong practice. Learn more.

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