Dancing in Limbo is the title of a book that kept me sane after cancer treatment. I was in limbo, not sure if I was cured or not. After months of vigilance and effort I was at loose ends for how to focus my energy. The metaphor of dancing helped me find a grounded way to move with the turbulence and shifting winds of that limbo state.

Limbo feels like a helpful term for this moment in the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Many are vaccinated, restrictions are loosening but the possibility of another outbreak is still real.

I wonder what would it take to heal the COVID pandemic?

This is a different question from stopping the pandemic, or ending the pandemic. I’m not talking about how many vaccines are needed where.

I’m wondering about healing the energetic imbalance at the root of the pandemic.

Broadly speaking, we are more vulnerable to pandemics when we are out of balance with nature and each other. When our energetic environment is polluted and inflamed, life itself gets out of balance and can give rise to a host of problems.

How will we correct the imbalances that are making us so sick? It takes more than medicine.

Image of bridge extending to horizon.

I am grateful to all the medical doctors because their cancer treatments bought me time to attend to the spiritual healing that shifted the root of my illness. I really needed that time! I spent over two years in limbo and then had a recurrence. The second time my spiritual healing felt so profound when my surgery was over I didn’t feel in limbo – I knew I was healed. I want this feeling for all of us now.

I am grateful for all the front line first responders who have been caring for all the people touched by COVID and for all the scientists who have created vaccines. Thanks to them, many are still with us and we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have been given the gift of time. We even now have the gift of being able to gather with each other (a little). Let’s use this time to help heal ourselves and our world even more completely.

Healing is the experience of restoring our connections with each other and the universe.

How can you create a balanced, dynamic ecosystem for your life and for the world?

  • Become a student of life, of earth, and the seasons. Develop an in-the-bones understanding of the evolutionary movement of the universe
  • Develop your own skillfulness at bringing the energy in your body back into balance.
  • Find your place in a lineage of ancestors and teachers, including the generations yet to come.
  • Learn how to bring harmony to the world around you and get harmonizing. There are many ways to do this, including playing music, hospitality, conflict resolution, and energetic healing techniques. The world eagerly awaits your contribution!

I am grateful to this moment where you and I have been able to digitally touch each other. We’ve made it this far, and let’s not lose sight of the healing tasks before us. Let’s not stop dreaming of possibilities for how much better things can be. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

I love you,