Dear one,

It is amazing how quickly the world can feel completely different. The catastrophe in Ukraine didn’t come out of nowhere, but the rapid unfolding of these past few weeks is significantly shifting how we understand our global inter-relationship with each other.

All levels of society are considering what influence they can have on the situation. Governments are acting. Global companies are exerting their market power. Individual donors and humanitarian workers are stepping forward in small and big ways.

Even just thinking about Ukraine, we are part of it. The anguish we feel is a reflection of our connection and aliveness. The grief and rage are testaments to our powerful love for humanity.

Our most powerful responses will be those that are founded in our aliveness and love. Yet emotions are running high everywhere and this can feel easier said than done. Maybe you feel you have your own emotional war happening inside, mirroring the war outside. You wouldn’t be alone in that.

The day that Russia began to invade Ukraine I fractured my right ankle. My daily rhythm changed dramatically; a large part of my brain is now consumed with the challenge of getting through my day with as few steps as possible. While I continue to teach and offer healing sessions, I can’t drive and I need rest.

My foot has forced me to go deeper into my own physical as well as emotional healing – exactly when I’d like to turn my attention to the world around me. My foot, elevated on a pillow and resting on an icepack as I write, is pushing me to understand in new ways how our own individual healing is part of the collective healing.

I’d like to share with you a wonderful meditation I participated in recently that both cultivates peace within and peace in the world. It is guided by two teachers from the Spring Forest Qigong community, Munira Jiwa and Hector (Vimarsha) Campero, as a gift to spread to the world.

Donations to humanitarian organizations are appreciated. (Here are some organizations vetted by Stand with Ukraine MN. )

I encourage you to practice the meditation repeatedly, to share it, and respond generously as you are led.

Peace, not just an end of war, will come when peace is awakened in many hearts. You can begin with your heart right now.