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This Joy Heals: Tapping into the encoded wisdom and transformative power within women’s ritual dances

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So much more is happening within women’s ritual dances than first meets the eye. These dances speak deeply to the soul, our place in community, history, and the universe.

The gifts within women’s ritual dances help us

  • Connect with European indigenous roots
  • Build resilience and weather the storms of life
  • Radiate harmony and joy into the world
  • Tap into an ancient Wisdom tradition

The multi-dimensional nature of these dances is what makes them so powerful. In this eBook I introduce you to my guiding teacher, Laura Shannon, and weave all these different aspects of the dance into one story.

Twice a month I send out a thoughtful article exploring how we live courageous, meaningful lives during this time of collective transformation. Remembering our truest nature takes support and frequent reminders.

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