We’ve reached the midpoint of summer, between the solstice and equinox. This is the time to celebrate the beginning of the harvest. There are many traditions in this spirit across Europe, including Lammas from England.

Last night I hung bundles of herbs from every spare nail and knob in my house – a sign that I am right on schedule with the beginning of harvest.

This time of year can also be bittersweet. Next to my thriving kale plants is a minuscule squash plant that has no fruit. The beets seeds never took at another area. At this point of the year and with my life circumstance, the best I could hope for is possibly planting a cover crop and nourishing the next year.

We might feel similarly aware in our lives that all we hoped for in this year hasn’t turned out. For example, my family planned a family vacation that ended up not including my partner because her father died and she is caring for his affairs. Collectively we “planted” a new leader for our country and it’s still a question if the soil of our country is fertile enough for justice. We planted the “seeds” of many vaccination clinics this past spring but unfortunately some states are experiencing their highest rate of COVID-19 hospitalizations to date.

Harvesting is a blessing, but it is also a letting go. One cycle is starting to come to a close. The delicious flavors of the fruits and grains are really only a side benefit supporting their real purpose, which is to create seeds for the future. This is not the time to cling or mope, but to lean into the cycle of change.

The Greek letter Delta is used in math to describe change. I can’t resist going on a little Delta tangent because we are speaking that word so often these days. The phrase “Delta variant of COVID-19” is striking uncertainty and stress into a protracted pandemic. I know we all want to press the snooze button and move on but we need to be alert and pay attention now.

I think we should be paying attention to the delta in addition to all of the science. A river delta, shaped like the letter, is a triangle. So much life is born in the delta area. According to Barbara Walk, the triangle is also an ancient symbol presenting the Mother Goddess; it represents both the threefold nature of the Goddess and her genital triangle, where life was born anew. The triangle also frequently represents the trinity and the three-fold nature of God. Use which language works for you, they point to very similar principles.

The delta can remind us to pay attention to what is giving life out of the seeds of the harvested fruit. The delta can remind us that our experience of dramatic and high speed change is happening within the life-renewing organizing principles of the universe.

Stay in the flow and stay curious about what is emerging now.



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