I want to share with you the thrill of discovering that I’m living into a long pursued dream.

It is hard for me to calibrate how long it takes to do something. On a daily basis dinner is frequently 30 minutes later than I intend, the drive five minutes longer, and the weekend over before I did half the things I hoped to accomplish.

I have big visions and it is especially hard to be know how to get from where I am to these grand ideas. What will it take to completely transform how we live in community together? How can we re-invigorate our community with collective joy? How to I give the future a connection to tradition? Three years ago members of my dance community dreamed up the idea of a “Blessing Bus” that would bring the energy and joy of dancing to people who need it.

Last week our group took one small leap in living out this vision. We met in the pre-dawn to greet the sun, roll in the dew, and dance for people and places in our community. Building on the years we have spent preparing ourselves within the confines of a dance class, we unleashed something lived collectively, and more satisfying and beautiful than we expected.

Read the full story of our adventures here.

Here’s to the moment when something you practice becomes something you live effortlessly.

Here’s to all of us who are practicing in many different ways the foundations for a future in which all life flourishes. May we all experience the joy of that vision becoming a reality.

With love,