Support for going deeper in meditation, strengthening your third eye, and developing your ability to heal yourself and the world.

In these intense times, take a morning to be renewed. Perhaps like me daily qigong practice is a helpful way to start your day. Yet do you feel like you don’t have regular space to go a little deeper? Feeling like you need space to recover from the challenges all around us? This moon meditation is like a mini-retreat, helping you connect more deeply with the wellspring of life so you can carry that feeling throughout your month.

In Spring Forest Qigong the new moon and full moon are auspicious times to practice deeper meditations and develop our third eye. Wisdom Dances is now offering new moon qigong meditations on the days closest to the new moon that are the most convenient. We will listen to the Spring Forest Qigong moon meditation as part of our time together. This is a great opportunity to help clear your head and strengthen your ability to respond creatively to our changing world.

Our world is in a moment of deep transformation. We can support this moment by going deeper into our hearts and sending our love into the world.  Spiritual transformation is an essential counterpart to structural transformation. I have been praying that we may be surprised by the beauty of reconciliation and healing and indeed we are seeing transformational ideas receive unprecedented support. Your love matters and makes a difference!

Arc of our time together:

  • Opening circle and check in (10 min)
  • Active Qigong exercises (20 minutes)
  • Chanting (20 min)
  • Moon Meditation (60 Minutes)
  • Journaling (5 min)
  • Closing circle (5 min)

Emily Jarrett Hughes is a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer and Certified Trainer. She has been practicing qigong since 2006 and leading practice groups since 2015.

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