Support for going deeper in meditation, strengthening your intuition, and developing your ability to heal yourself and the world.

Do you long for community and structure to help you go deeper in your qigong practice? Are you wanting to strengthen your intuition and connection to universal qi?

In Spring Forest Qigong the new moon and full moon are auspicious times to practice deeper meditations and develop our Tien Mu (third eye system). The New Moon practice group creates a community that will support you in developing your intuition and connection to universal wisdom.

The heart of our practice group is the Sun or Moon Meditation from Spring Forest Qigong Level Three training. This meditation helps us connect with the pure universal qi in the core of our being. It helps us develop a focus so that we maintain a connection to this signal and to the messages from our intuition even in distraction and chaotic situations.

In preparation for our long meditation together, the practice begins with qigong movements and chanting. In this group we draw on the practice of spontaneous qigong and finding our true voice while chanting; these techniques emphasize attuning the flow of movement and vibration.

Every practice session also includes a few intuition games so we keep building trust in our inner knowing.

Hearing each others experiences in our class community very often makes meaning or gives inspiration for our own practice. Connecting and sharing experience is an important part of this practice. Just as we go deep into the teachings, it is also good to do deeper into qigong community.

Our world is in a moment of deep transformation. We can support this moment by going deeper into our hearts and sending our love into the world. Your love matters and makes a difference!

Arc of our time together:

  • Opening circle and check in (10 min)
  • Intuition game (10 min)
  • Active Qigong exercises (20 minutes)
  • Chanting (20 min)
  • Moon Meditation (45 Minutes)
  • Journaling (5 min)
  • Closing circle (10 min)

* Replay will be available for a few weeks after the practice group *

Emily Jarrett Hughes is a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer and Certified Trainer. She has been practicing qigong since 2006 and leading practice groups since 2015.

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