Instead of revising a blog post about being big and powerful I locked my keys in my car at the gas station. Oy! Holy impotence! My bag, wallet, keys all lying there tantalizingly on the seat but I can’t get to them.

There was nothing to do but call for help and wait.

water rippling over rockCouldn’t I just jiggle something in my car to get that door open? If only I could get my computer or journals locked in the car and use the time to work on something… There I was on a busy intersection in a first ring suburb forced to do nothing but wait for the answer to my call for help.

If I’m going to do nothing I like to officially Do Nothing and meditate. But this wasn’t the place or time.

Actually, my time on the corner was similar to meditation and the way I have learned to ask the universe for help. At the beginning of each meditation I ask for the specific help I need and then practice letting go into the universe. This does not come naturally to me. When I first started receiving qigong healings I remember being hyper-vigilant through each session waiting for a sign that I’d been cured. But my real healing happened when I discovered how wonderful it felt to surrender into a profound ocean of love.

The way the universe responds is still a bit mysterious to me. The lesson of the morning for me is to trust that it does respond.

This is an important lesson for someone like me, engaged in the urgent work of shifting to a regenerative economy and culture. I have my own hyper-vigilant approach to the news – looking for signs that we’ll experience a societal “cure.” With our complicated problems it is a lost less clear who to call for help. It’s hard on the ego to think that all my hard work is simply the call for help and that transformation is really the work of the Divine.

I’m still going to finish that blog post about expanding our impact. But I have a sense that the expansiveness waiting for each us around the corner is only on the other side of deeply surrendering to Source.

Whatever practice you use to lean into the universe, it takes continued practice and support. It’s worth making the time. Freedom, expansion and a response to your call for help are on the other side.

What is something you are wanting help with?

Have you asked for help?

What would it be like to trust that help was on the way, even if it wasn’t evident?

With love,


p.s. Ha! I did make something out of my experience of doing nothing – I wrote this post!

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