I hope you are feeling renewed from the last few weeks of celebrations and holidays. This week it’s back to school and back to routine – thank heavens!

While I’m eager to get back to my normal rhythm, daily life has its own momentum which can make it hard to stay connected to the tender new possibilities that were the focus of my New Year’s celebrations.

newborn-babyI’ve come to really appreciate the picture of the New Year’s baby as a symbol of all that we hope is reborn with the year. We hope that this “baby,” our vision of our fullest potential, grows into the maturity and abundance of summer. For now the days are longer, but just barely.

This “baby” needs to be encouraged and nurtured to grow into a strapping young man or a wise grandmother.

It harms babies (and adults) if they are constantly told they are horrible and will come to no good. I believe it harms us and the intentions within our New Year’s “babies” if we become consumed by stories about the brokenness in our world. We need to deliberately practice encouraging our individual and collective potential by remembering what is working.

Just like a parent, monitor what communication channels your “baby” consumes.

  • Are you getting enough stories of innovation, success, courage, love and hope? (By the way I’m a loyal subscriber to Yes! Magazine).
  • In social media, are you nurturing your “baby” of potential with encouragement? Are you sharing encouragement with others?
  • One of the greatest communication channels that I know of is the natural world. Are you allowing yourself to receive the messages and support of nature?

The “baby” of potential within you needs your powerful parental love. It thrives with a village of support. I believe it can grow into something beautiful.

I’m rooting for you.

With love,



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