Come Alive:A dance retreat for our personal and collective renewal

To be scheduled around the spring equinox, 2020

Collective joy is one of our most ancient and powerful sources of healing and transformation. Experiencing joy is essential for activating our love and aliveness. Experiencing being part of a much bigger whole is essential for our courage and hope. This spring, nourish the emergence of wellness and regenerative culture through the collective joy of dance.

Join in the ancient tradition of dancing to help the world come alive in spring. If you have been feeling run dry by pouring your spirit into caring for your family and work, this is a chance to nourish your body with a different experience of cultivating life energy. We will draw on traditional women’s ritual dances from the Balkans, Greece, and Asia Minor as restorative, generative practices. Our goal will be to learn how to rest even more deeply in these moving mandalas so that we can open ourselves more fully to the movement of Source through us.

flute, drum, and guitar

Acclaimed guitarist and bouzoukist Greg Herriges will accompany our dancing. The vibrancy of live music inspires us to respond with equal presence and vitality.

Two quotes (and articles) that have inspired this retreat:

“… Long-term sustainable social change must fundamentally come from work done at the energetic layer of the body. Dreaming. Dancing. Playing. Making art. Resting. Sharing touch. Gathering to remember. Sitting with our inner demons. Grieving loss. Performing ritual.”

 From “How social change actually happens: through the body” by Tada Hozumi

“[The] regular outpouring of collective joy in the form of dance was seen as meaningful work, just as necessary to the life of the community as food for the table and water for the fields.”

From “Rest and Renewal: Gifts of Women’s Ritual Dance” by Laura Shannon

What past participants say:

“I came to class so tired and down. I am amazed that I now find myself genuinely joyful and energized. I am a believer!”