Welcome the warming power of spring with two special dance occasions:

Baba Marta Day Dance

Thursday, March 2, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at Judson Church, 4101 Harriet Ave S, Minneapolis

Baba Marta Day is a a Bulgarian holiday at the which honors Grandmother March (Baba Marta) who is the bringer of spring. We will wear red, receive Martinitsi bracelets, and get our Bulgarian dance groove on.

Register here.

Spring Dance Retreat Day

Sunday, March 12, 12:00 – 5:00 PM
Danish American Center, 3030 W River Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN

This relaxed afternoon will be a wonderful opportunity to connect and welcome spring energy.

  • I will be setting the tone for how we will engage with the theme of Earth Day – this is super important theme that will shape all our dancing March – April and opens us to some of the wisdom teachings in our dances. In particular we will be exploring our power to bless and radiate harmony. What are the inner workings that make this transformational power possible and how can we get even better at it? I wish for you to be activated by the wisdom of this tradition no matter how you are ultimately involved (or not) in the Earth Day festivities.
  • We will activate the vision for the Earth Day Celebration, kicking off our season of preparations.
  • We will have relaxed time to eat and chat in a comfortable living room space.
  • For the final two hours we will dance for the full-ish moon and coming of spring with Greg Herriges’ wonderful music.

Negative COVID test the morning of our gathering required – and therefore masking will be optional.

We had a wonderful retreat day similar to this in January 2020. I remember people bringing all sorts of books and games thinking “what will we do with ourselves?” and then discovering that when gathered in cozy chairs the time flies!

Cost: $50, please bring items for our potluck salad

Two quotes (and articles) that have inspired taking a day for dancing:

“… Long-term sustainable social change must fundamentally come from work done at the energetic layer of the body. Dreaming. Dancing. Playing. Making art. Resting. Sharing touch. Gathering to remember. Sitting with our inner demons. Grieving loss. Performing ritual.”

 From “How social change actually happens: through the body” by Tada Hozumi

“[The] regular outpouring of collective joy in the form of dance was seen as meaningful work, just as necessary to the life of the community as food for the table and water for the fields.”

From “Rest and Renewal: Gifts of Women’s Ritual Dance” by Laura Shannon

What a past participant says:

“I came to class so tired and down. I am amazed that I now find myself genuinely joyful and energized. I am a believer!”