A Diversity of Water Blessing Traditions

There are many ways to bless the water, each containing its own beauty and wisdom. This collection of resources begins with two indigenous songs that were given to all people with the request that we sing to the water every day. I am also including some examples of water blessing from many branches of the Christian family.

Visit the online home for Living Water contemplation, housed at Plymouth Congregational Church and meeting year round at Lake of the Isles.

From our Indigenous Leaders

For the full story of the Nibi (Water) song, go to Nibi Walk. To purchase this song, on an album with many other wonderful water songs, go to Bandcamp
For more of the story about this song go to www.singthewatersong.com

From the Contemplative Community

This is the song we sing at the beginning of our contemplation time.

From the Roman Catholic Church

He demonstrates the Roman Ritual for blessing the water. You can also see a written form of this Roman Ritual here

From the Eastern Orthodox Church

We Minnesotans can’t use the excuse of the cold for not going into the water on Epiphany : )
Near the beginning of this video you see a few people dive for the cross that blesses the river. Then the group swells in a long dance.
Whoever is first to retrieve the cross from the water receives a special blessing. For the Greeks the blessing of fishing boats is also very important on Epiphany.
I couldn’t help adding this video because I love the force with which the priest sprinkles the water.

From the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Timket, Epiphany in Ethiopia, is one of their highest holidays.
Timket in Minnesota. I believe this is at the Boy Scout place near the airport. They have filled a little pool of water and gradually everyone is sprinkled and the dancing and singing swells through the crowd.