Engage more deeply with these transformational times by attuning to your inner wisdom.

This workshop is for the powerful voice rising up within you. Something is ignited within you, compelling you to respond to our rapidly changing context of suffering and injustice. This voice is energizing, but circumstances are exceptionally challenging.

We are all meeting a lot of resistance. The normal way of engaging has resulted in polarization and a stalemate. You might be feeling fatigue, confusion, powerlessness, and even despair.

Being cut off from our inner guidance is one symptom of the dis-ease of disconnection that is causing so much of the suffering around us. Repairing the connections to our vision and purpose can go hand in hand with repairing the connections in families, organizations, and communities.

Let’s playfully engage with this wise, loving, and courageous impulse within you and help set it free.

By connecting with our bodies and the earth, we connect with our inner truth and power. This workshop helps you align your body with the natural flow of life, in particular the five elements, and in so doing helps you align with your intuition and purpose. This is a playful and fun way to have a meaningful and insightful conversion.

Our job as facilitators is to deeply listen to you and help you recognize your own wisdom. Julie is the creator of the WISE UP game which creates the structure for our time together. Emily will guide us through simple movement meditations to connect us with our bodies and the elements so that we can connect more deeply with our intuition. We both love sharing our passion for living purposeful and engaged lives

Saturday April 15, 2017, 1-4 PM

At By The Rivers, 690 Cleveland Ave South, Saint Paul

Sliding Scale Cost: $60-$80

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Julie Delene helps leaders and teams create organic, co-creative growth by combining mindfulness with strategic leadership, execution performance, and eco-system awareness. She approaches the core qualities of leadership and teamwork – alignment, engagement and synergy – with her observations from experiences with mindfulness, Eastern methods and ballroom dance. Learn more about Julie at move-as-one.com.

Emily Jarrett Hughes is an artist-healer helping people live vital, meaningful lives through group classes and individual sessions based in the creative & meditative movement practices of qigong and dance. Find out more about Emily here.