4x6-kids-and-riverInformation about stormwater

Stormwater 101 by the Capitol Region Watershed District

Water Quality and Quantity, Climate Change and Public Health by the Minnesota Climate and & Health Program, MN Department of Health

A great bibliography and list of web resources compiled by Heart of the Beast Theatre.

Minnesota Performance and Public Artists working on water issues:

Art Start’s Eco-Arts Fest
Celebrating Creativity, Community and Conservation Through the Arts

Ce Tempoxcali: Festival Chalchiutlicue
The Chalchiutlicue Environmental Project is a community organizing initiative which brings together local families, individuals and organizations who are interested in working  to make a bigger impact in protecting our water and environment.

Global Water Dances
Global Water Dances raises awareness about water issues. Place-based environmental education performances take place across the globe on a single day, uniting communities on six continents and inspiring their communities to take action for safe, clean water

I AM WATER is an interactive public artwork by Camille Gage that asks people to consider their relationship to the planet’s fresh water.

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre
Invigorate the Common Well
An ongoing experiential initiative of reverence and activism for Water.

Ananya Dance Theatre
Mohona: Estuaries of Desire
Created as a multi-disciplinary, total theater experience that invites audience participation, “Mohona” relates stories and layers images of women’s work and lives in relation to water to reflect and pose questions about access to this natural resource and the systemic violence against people that results when it is subject to private control.

Kim Sueoka and Lau Hawaiian Collective
Nā Mele Wai: Hawaiian Fresh Water Songs

Catalyst Dances by Emily Johnson
SHORE is a multi-day performance installation of dance, story, volunteerism, and feasting. It is a celebration of the places where we meet and merge – land and water, performer and audience, art and community, past, present, and future.

Performance and Public Artists working on water issues outside of the Minnesota:

An organization whose mission is to connect Evanston and Chicago youth with Lake Michigan, using dance and the arts as teaching tools.

Beautiful Midden
Beautiful Midden is a collaborative arts and environmental restoration initiative designed to unite the community in creatively addressing the systemic and social issues that underlie the nature of illegal trash dumping and discharge of lead based munitions into the arroyos, streams and rivers surrounding Taos, NM.

More great links at Global Water Dances.