1400-storm-and-CRWDWeather the storms of our times with a vibrant sense of regenerative culture. The Weathering a Storm initiative includes dance, service, embodied prayer, activism, community building, and leadership training.

Be part of a movement to build resilience and joy in our communities. Literally dancing prepares us to figuratively dance the dance of life. It is a dance for all of us, whether you dance, appreciate watching dance, or are looking for a way to make movement part of your life.

These are stormy times. We are faced with increasingly severe weather and an unprecedented rate of change. We dance to shake off our burdens and stay sane.

Dance for joy. Don’t we all return to the dance floor because it fills us with life?

Dancing renews us. We learn about the essence of regenerative culture through what makes us come back to life in our bodies.

Dancing, we connect with our body: blood, sweat, breath. We experience our raw, elemental selves. As we realize how we are water, fire, and earth, we have new insight into our connection to the rivers, sun, and prairies around us.

When we find a dance of harmony, we are practicing living whole lives that are in harmony with people and planet.

When we dance in the steps of our ancestors, we attune ourselves to ancient cultural wisdom for living in harmony and enduring the literal and figurative storms of life.

Now is the time for us to lead our communities with our embodied wisdom.

Let us build connections between embodied wisdom and the values we express through the infrastructure of our cities (another form of embodiment). Let’s make the tremendous task of redesigning our communities feel like a dance party!

The 2014 focus on the Weathering a Storm initiative is to use dance and culture to activate the hearts and wills of the community to take action on storm water issues.