The Seven Dimensions of Wellness is a model of well-being and integration for body, mind and spirit. Creative Dance for Health classes address each aspect of this wellness model.

Social Wellness
Moving together is a great way to connect with people and break down isolation. Connecting with others in the class through mirroring each other or dancing in a circle sets the stage for social connections.

Intellectual Wellness
Lessons include elements of dance and music history. When folkdances are included, geography and culture are also discussed. The stories about musicians and lyrics are also shared. We are able to travel through time and around the world through dance.

Spiritual Wellness
This class uses creative prompts to reflect on what gives our lives meaning and purpose – and to express our answers through movement.

Physical Wellness
Each class begins with a sequence of movements based on the BrainDance, serving the purpose of activating and integrating the body and mind. Many dances focus on articulating the feet and hands because of the many acupressure points in these parts of the body that benefit the entire body.

Emotional Wellness
Dance is a great way to reduce stress. Movement requires change – changing weight, position, levels, or expression – and gives us a way to practice moving through the changes and stresses in life.

Occupational Wellness
Dancing together, making our own dances, and sharing them with the community is a way to be part of meaningful work in the world. This is why having a time to share our dancing with others through a final dance party or performance is an important part of the class experience.

Environmental Wellness
This class helps participants connect with the seasons by using storytelling prompts and music influenced by the weather and holidays.