Is your creative, big-hearted spirit ending too many days feeling frozen, knocked down, and dull?

You probably have big passions. But when the stresses of life, pressures from many directions, or health issues knock you down, it can be all you can do to plod through each day. It can be frustrating, even terrifying, to realize your body and spirit are wearing thin.

You know that there has got to be more to life. You want to start each day feeling healthy, creative, and joyful. You want to end each day feeling like it all mattered.

Your wise self also knows that the way out of this situation needs to be creative and joyful. After all, life should feel like a celebration.

I love helping people connect with the vitality of life energy. Life energy moves! My classes and coaching help people find their flow: moving with ease through life, unsticking persistent health challenges, or unfurling creative inspiration. I have helped many people; movement, healing and joy are always possible.

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