candle-in-iceDo any of these situations sound familiar?

You have served and helped people your whole life and are really proud of your contributions to your family and work. When Monday morning rolls around, you notice your inspiration is waning and so is your patience. Caught in all that you are responsible for, your zest for life is missing.

You have been proactively working with doctors and therapists to address a sticky health challenge. You are not making the progress you would like and feel discouraged that no one seems to be able to touch, let alone shift, the root of your problems. You are beginning to wonder if you will suffer from this issue always.

You love the arts, and feel very inspired to watch people dance. You love dance as a metaphor for navigating life. But when it comes to the idea of actually dancing, you are strongly afraid of what other people will think of you. You are looking for a safe way to move and express your body.

Life is amazing! There are so many people you treasure. The moon and stars overwhelm you with their magnificence. You can’t find words to adequately express how much you love this world. Why can’t party and prayer be in the same sentence? You are wanting to find ways to joyfully and ecstatically celebrate the sacred amazingness of this world.

You find yourself almost devouring books on spirituality, they resonate so deeply with your longing. You read again and again about sacred mystery and it just keeps on feeling, well…mysterious. You are wondering how you are ever going to access the sacred wisdom you seek.

You are celebrating a holiday for the first time since you experienced a big loss. Everything feels different now and you feel a little untethered. You wish that these big changes in life didn’t keep knocking you down to the ground. The meaning of everything has changed, and you are not sure what it is.

In your opinion, everything is better with a little dancing or creativity. You take classes and have some techniques, but when you actually get around to practicing your art you feel dry and spiritless. You feel like you are not able to progress to your next level.

Watching the sunset, being by the lake – these are the times you feel most at peace. You struggle to find ways to be outside as much as you would like. The most frustrating part is that you so easily lose that serenity and sense of connection when you have to return to your everyday life.

A wide spectrum of people can find a place to tap into the practices and services that I offer. You might be:

  • In the second half of life – the age of creative liberation!
  • Not experienced in movement or meditation
  • An experienced conscious mover or meditator
  • Living with major health limitations
  • Healthy and interested in longevity
  • Any gender
  • From any cultural background

My approach will work with you if we share these values:

  • You believe the sacred dwells within your body
  • You value movement and creative expression
  • You love being outside
  • You value women’s wisdom and love books like Women Who Run with the Wolves
  • You are curious about other cultures and sources of wisdom
  • You sense that your spirituality is essential to a happy life

If you are resonating with these scenarios and values, I encourage you to keep learning more about the work that I offer. Please join my mailing list to receive ongoing support and encouragement for healing and reconnecting to the joy of life.

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